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Ceri from Tumblr here!

Checked out the demo for MG today! Liked how the beginnings of the story was laid out. The Mariposa de Sol's history is genuinely interesting. It's going to be something when Clara and the others eventually encounter the ghost there! Between the (current) love interests, I'd say that Quincey is my favorite as he's the most understanding of Clara's situation. Also liked the little touch of Foster being scared of horror in general. You don't really see that many male characters in fiction who're like that. The backgrounds are simple but still nice to look at. I can't wait to see how the investigation and romance routes go in the full release!


1. I know that this would lead to a lot of work on your end, but the in-game menu screens could have a similar general layout and color scheme to  fit the  game's GUI. The sliders for the settings and history screens could be customized in the shape of the butterflies in the GUI and logo (light blue butterflies against dark grey scroll bars for a nice contrast)?

2. An option to be able to toggle the font colors between black and white to make it easier for players with vision difficulties?

3. The save slots could have a big grey butterfly at the center of them that turns light blue or yellow when the player mouses over one of them.

4. An extras menu with dev notes on what inspired you to make the game and a CG gallery.

Thank you for playing the game! I'm glad you liked the story so far!

For the final version, there will be options to adjust the font color/font type to be dyslexic friendly and accommodate visual disabilities! 

I appreciate all the feedback.